Mindless Behavior
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I know I’m a tad bit late but…

#TeamMindless is so damn immature. 

I was on twitter last night (follow me btw, @SlinksMcGee) and some of “TeamMindless” was arguing with Bahja over the fact that she was talking to Prince..

First, Bahja and Prince can talk all they want because they don’t give two fucks about y’all being mad. They probably read y’all tweets and laugh at y’all. 

Second, y’all 14 and under females make TeamMindless look bad. 

Third, blowing up MB’s mentions cussing at them and telling them their gonna “kill” The OMG Girlz isn’t being mindless at all. so STOP!

Why don’t y’all act your age NOT your shoe size and maybe MB will notice you guys. 


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